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WAG No. 196: Kelly Brook

Her measurements are 34 GG, or something like that…  Having tired of Billy Zane’s endless Shakespearian monologues, Kelly Brook has decided that a rugby player’s brand of wit and repartee ….

WAG No. 192: Leeann Tweeden

Courtesy of our lovers, Polite Applause Continuing the theme of sexy American women who adore going out with sporty men, this is Leeann. She, like Alyssa Milano, has dated numerous US legends, ….

Extremely important Ex-WAG calendar information

Atkinson goes toe-to-toe with Lloyd Between them, Danielle Lloyd and Gemma Atkinson have snogged at least four footballers, perhaps more. We’re talking Ronaldo, Sheringham, Defoe – all the greats. And ….

WAG No. 186: Raica Oliveira

Another one steamrollered by fat Ronaldo… No doubt about it, before he started wearing womanly hats and smearing treacle into his bulbous stomach, Ronaldo was having a terrific time with ….

WAG No. 182: Kendra Wilkinson

Playboy bunny trades in wrinkly old goat for NFL star There aren’t many young models who will happily romance a gentleman who is three-and-a half times her age, but that is ….

WAG No. 171: Alessia Ventura

Meet the lady who may have tamed Pippo Filippo Inzaghi has enjoyed more than his fair share of beautiful Italian women, yet his wayward steamrollering ways may have been brought to an ….

WAG No. 168: Lisa Dergan

She’s smarter than the average Playboy Playmate… Lisa Dergan was bestowed the honour of Playboy Playmate of the Month in July 1998, and since then she has made big moves in her career, often while ….

Steamy Olympian Number 6: Leryn Franco

Her personal best is 55.38 meters… Say what you like about God, but when it comes to balancing good and bad things he/she does a pretty decent job. For all the ….

Gemma Atkinson’s 2009 calendar looks good

Marcus Bent’s lady perfects the ‘arm above head’ look The chaps over at On205th have tracked down some snaps that should adorn the walls of mechanics, builders and horny teenagers all over ….

WAG No. 146: Minki van der Westhuizen

Oddly-named model who once bowled over unpopular SA captain South African captain Graeme Smith may not be the most-loved man in English cricket (KP once referred to him as an ‘absolute muppet’), ….