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WAG No. 368: Raffaella Fico

Has C-Ron tempted an untainted beauty? Another day, another attractive model to have fallen for the advances of Cristiano Ronaldo. His latest victim is said to be 21-year-old Raffaella Fico. The Spoiler, ….

WAG No. 311: Ena Popov

Serbia’s finest reality star and pop princess Until this morning, we had no idea that Hertha Berlin had a central defender named Gojko Kačar. However, thanks to a relationship with Serbian Big ….

WAG No. 154: Galilea Montijo

The Mexican beauty who definitely doesn’t have a sex tape Joining fellow Mexican model Elsa Benítez in the WAG of the Day hall of fame is the terribly good looking Galilea Montijo. The 35-year-old actress ….