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WAG No. 46: Yésica Toscanini

Yet another Sports Illustrated beauty destroys a nuclear family The Argentinean tabloids have got themselves all worked up over Boca Juniors midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme and his 21-year-old girlfriend Yésica Toscanini. On the ….

WAG No. 41: Julieta Spina

It’s the Argentinean equivalent of Rebecca Loos In the UK, Diego Simeone is known mainly for getting David Beckham sent off in France 98. How ironic, then, that he and his former ….

WAG No. 27: Evangelina Anderson

This Argentinian model is definitely not on the game Evangelina Anderson isn’t the first WAG to face negative press – just ask Danielle Lloyd. Unlike Mrs Defoe, however, Evangelina has not been vilified ….

No. 8: Belen Rodriguez

She’s Argentina’s finest WAG export, but don’t get too close Genoa FC striker Marco Borriello faced a slightly embarrassing situation last year, when he failed a drugs test. It transpired that he ….