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WAG No. 370: Dani Bolina

Another of Adriano’s sexy (non transvestite) friends As Fabiana Andrade, Veronica Araujo, Ellen Cardoso and Joana Machado ably demonstrate, Adriano keeps the company of a very certain type of lady. Dani Bolina is another beauty who fulfills all three of ….

WAG No. 320: Joana Machado

The reason Adriano went off the rails (again) Yesterday, we revealed the carnival dancer who is helping Adriano recover from his depression, so today it seems fitting to consider the carnival dancer who caused ….

WAG No. 37: Viviane Castro

Loves drug-riddled footballers, hates clothing A search for Adriano’s current squeeze Viviane Castro throws up plenty of content that will have your boss reaching for your P45, as the Brazilian model likes ….