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WAG No. 339: Consuelo Matos Gomez

Say hello to Mrs Adrian Mutu #2 Romania has made some fine contributions to the WAG canon: Playboy model Gina Pistol, TV presenter Andreea Raicu and Adrian Mutu’s ex-wife Alexandra Dinu to name but a few. Since ….

WAG No. 336: Alexandra Dinu

The hottest Romanian TV presenter since, er, this one In 2001, hunky* Romanian striker and former recreational drug enthusiast Adrian Mutu married Romanian TV presenter, actress and model Alexandra Dinu. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to ….

No. 5: Martina Stella

Adrian Mutu’s “friend” has a real career and stuff The Italian gossip industry has been all a-twitter this week with claims that Adrian Mutu, who used to take coke for ….