Sunderland wind up Toon fans with fake road signs

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Black Cats help Championship teams find new away ground


After years of living in the shadow of their Tyneside rivals, Sunderland fans have been putting their sign making skills to good use, by rubbing the downfall of Newcastle into the tear-stained faces of the Toon Army.

In a stunt that almost certainly comes from the pranksters behind Alan Shearer’s £1 shop, the highways of the north east have been adorned with some helpful directions to the largest Championship stadium in the country.

Even Middlesbrough were unable to escape the sharp wit of Sunderland’s finest sign artisans…


In the Northern Echo, Newcastle fan John Monaghan reasoned:

“They are entitled to laugh, after all we laughed at them when they were relegated in 2003 and then again in 2006.

“But it’s hard to find anything very funny at the moment if you’re a Newcastle fan.”

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