STOP PRESS: Cristiano Ronaldo is arrogant!

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Seriously, what is it about Real Madrid? EVERYONE hates them.

The only thing people can’t seem to agree on is who they should hate the most – Jose Mourinho for his referee-baiting, excuse-making arrogance? Or Cristiano Ronaldo for being Cristiano Ronaldo?

The latest person to wade into this hotly disputed debate is Osasuna striker, Walter Pandiani, who is firmly in the ‘Ronaldo is the biggest tit’ camp after their meeting last week…

Hitting every nerve of the toned Portuguese, Pandiani said this to Spanish paper Marca:

“What Ronaldo needs to do is to learn from the best player in the world – which is Messi. He should learn how he dribbles how he plays and learn to leave behind his arrogant attitude.

“You have to know where you came from and show more humility. When he has won the Super Cups and Copa del Reys that I have while in Spain then maybe he can come and talk to me – he is missing a screw.

“He should pay the €602 fine we’ve been given [for fans kicking the balls onto the pitch when Real were attacking] – it was him who kicked the balls into the crowd [while practicing his free-kicks pre-match].

“At Real Madrid they should think why Barcelona are applauded when they visit a rival and why they are whistled.”


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