Stop booing Ashley Cole, Arsenal fans – he loves it!

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Is he bothered though? etc…


Say what you like about Ashley Cole, but it’s proving near impossible to knock him off his perch. He’s very resiliant. Even rampant adulterous intercourse with another woman – including a midway time out to throw up, and possibly consider his actions for a second – couldn’t detach the man from his glamourous wife.

And so it goes that he’s even growing to enjoy the chorus of boos that greet him whenever he so much as glances the ball at The Emirates.

“Yes I get booed but it’s all fun… It doesn’t really bother me.”

Arsenal fans, it’s time for a strategy rethink.

One possibility could be “total silence”. Imagine it – you receive the ball, you’re galloping up the wing, an entire stadium falls into a haunting pin-drop quiet. Almost as if there’s no one there.

That would surely knock a man off his game, no?

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