Steven Gerrard gets his own tower in Dubai

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Liverpool captain given prestigious honour of promoting property


After plans to launch the Phil Babb Hotel and the Jason McAteer Suites were mysteriously halted, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was in London last night to front a new property project. Oblivious to the current economic apocalypse, Azizi investment are to construct The Steven Gerrard Tower (The SGT for locals) on the Palm Jebel Ali, for a mere £150m.

For his willingness to hawk the new property (”The vision and quality of the Azizi brand was what inspired me to be a part of this new forthcoming development” he told a press conference at the Dorchester Hotel) the Liverpool captain will be given a £1m penthouse.

Alex Curran loves to take in the luxuries and excesses of the United Arab Emirates, which means the Gerrard’s will undoubtedly use their new pad more than Rio Ferdinand uses his free Ugandan home.

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