Steamy Olympian Number 6: Leryn Franco

Her personal best is 55.38 meters…

Leryn Franco 1

Say what you like about God, but when it comes to balancing good and bad things he/she does a pretty decent job. For all the luxury we enjoy in Blighty, when it comes to hot female javelin throwers, we’re not doing too well (here’s proof). Likewise, while almost half of the population of Paraguay has to spend their every waking moment battling against crippling poverty, they get to send tremendous specimens like Leryn Franco to Beijing to throw javelins on their behalf.

Born in 1982, the slender young athlete isn’t just a strong right arm either, she’s also a very pretty face. She came second in Miss Paraguay in 2006 (losing out to this woman).

Leryn Franco 2

Photos of her not just lounging on a sofa after the jump…

Leryn Franco 3

Leryn Franco 4

Steamy Olympian Number 6: Leryn Franco
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