Spot the pattern in Pardew’s post-match press conferences

Charlton manager knows how to keep fans off his back


After stumbling across comments made by Alan Pardew following Charlton’s 2-0 home defeat to Bristol City, The Spoiler was struck with a sense of déjà vu. So we looked at comments the former West Ham boss has made after his side’s last five defeats and started to see a pattern emerging. See if you can spot it:

Pardew after losing to Wolves: “Some players were just a wee bit below [par] but I have to take into account that Wolves are really flying at the minute. So there’s a lot of thinking to do between now and Doncaster.”

Pardew after losing to Sheffield Wednesday: “We had a few low performances today and I’ll have to look at the selection of the side because there are one or two who are desperate to have a go now and I might have to look at a change.”

Pardew after losing to Crystal Palace: “The boys are fully committed, but I’m looking at one or two and thinking I need to give other people a chance.”

Pardew after losing to Cardiff: “It’s obvious that there is something in the side that I need to correct.”

Pardew after losing to Bristol City: “I need to make changes and I need to get inside the heads of certain players.”

The moral of this story is clear: no supporters will ever think of blaming their manager no matter how badly the club are doing so long as he tries really hard to make it sound like he’s doing something about it.

But surely all those comments can’t have came from the same Alan Scott Pardew who said after Charlton’s first defeat of the season, at home to Yeovil in the Carling Cup: “I wish I hadn’t made those changes now.”

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