Sporting Gijon boss accidently bottles woman while aiming for Real Madrid team bus

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Unchecked madness after ill-tempered match



Yesterday’s La Liga clash between Sporting Gijon and Real Madrid was embroiled in controversy before a ball had been kicked, following Hee-hon gaffer Manuel Preciado calling Jose Mourinho ‘a villain’ and ‘a bad companion’ after the Portuguese claimed Perciado fielded a weakened team against Barcelona earlier in the season.

And the pair didn’t exactly kiss and make up at the final whistle. Instead, the bad feeling spilled over to the Gijon club car park.

Exact details of what went down are disputed by both clubs, but Preciado claims Mourinho taunted him by holding up two fingers – a gesture the relegation-threatened manager took to mean ‘[enjoy life in the] Segunda Division’.

A riled up Preciado returned fire by chucking a bottle at the Real team bus. Unfortunately, however, he somehow contrived to miss the vehicle completely and instead bottled an innocent woman bystander off her feet.

Oh dear. But there’s more.

Real’s version of events is slightly different – they claim Preciado was ‘grabbing his penis and making rude gestures’ in an frenzied attempt to provoke Mourinho, at which point the Special One’s right-hand man Rui Faria stepped in, helpfully chanting: “Going down, going down, going down!”

According to mental Spanish sports paper, Marca, club security guards intervened ‘before the event could escalate’.

As if a situation in which a 53-year-old furiously swings his cock at a bus after knocking a woman out with a bottle couldn’t yet be described as ‘escalated’.

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