The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli has a great big heart of gold

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Great hat…

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The Spoiler has always loved a Roald Dahl book (except The Witches which we are still yet to finish as it absolutely terrifies us), but the one that’s always been our favourite is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Mainly because Willy Wonka appears to have it all – the chocolate, the factory, the bright orange Oompa-Loompas – but still seems to be a bit of a miserable git who only cares for himself. That is until he gives Charlie his factory and reveals himself to be a classic case of a really nice bloke who’s just a bit grumpy.

Anyway, it turns out that The Spoiler’s official mascot, Mario Balotelli, is EXACTLY like Willy Wonka. Except instead of the chocolate, the factory and the bright orange Oompa-Loompas, he has the threads, the cars and the bright orange glamour models…

Apparently, Mario came out of a casino having won £25,000 and decided to give a grand to a homeless gentleman because he’s just a pretty nice guy.

According to The Sun, this is just the latest in a long line of philanthropic gestures that Mario has performed. A ‘source’ said:

“Mario is really generous. He always hands £20 notes to the Big Issue boys without even taking the magazine. There’s a guy he always sees around town with ginger dreadlocks and a beard. He carries his possessions in two carrier bags.

“He was outside the club in the early hours so Mario handed him a wad of notes after his big win. The tramp couldn’t believe his luck. It was enough to keep him going for months.”

Actually, The Spoiler has had a rethink. Balotelli is less like Willy Wonka and more like BATMAN! A filthy rich egomaniac by day, but a mysterious righter of wrongs with a well flash car by night.

That intro isn’t going to rewrite itself though.

Well done, Mario!

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