Solved: The Merseyside Derby socks mystery

Barrage of socks baffles most of the country


The eighties phenomenon of throwing things on the pitch has experienced a huge revival this season, and last night’s Merseyside Derby fell victim to this idiotic fad. Coins and plastic bottles were directed at the pitch, but the most bizarre missiles of the season turned up in the second half, when Liverpool fans started hurling socks onto the pitch.

Was it a safer version of the George Bush shoe throwing protest? Was it a surreal attempt to further destabilise Rafa Benitez’s diminishing sanity?

Alas, no. After searching some Liverpool message boards, The Spoilerdiscovered it was a taunt intended at Everton “sock robbers”. These are Kirkby residents who steal socks from clothes lines to keep their fingerprints off of the cars they steal. Kirkby, of course, is the proposed location of Everton’s new stadium.

Apparently, the concept of gloves and the idea that stealing is bad has yet to reach Kirkby.

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