Sky Sports accidentally reveal Arsenal’s first six league games

The Gunners face Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City very early on



Anyone who likes to believe that fixtures really are generated over a five minute period just before they are announced had their vision crushed twice yesterday – first by the BBC revealing how they are collated and then by Sky Sports News, who leaked Arsenal’s first six matches.

A graphic displaying their supposed opening games* was briefly flashed on screen and they won’t be too happy with them. Instead of starting at home – as they have done in 13 of the last 17 seasons – they kick off away to West Ham and face Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City before the end of September.

The Gunners made a mess of a far easier start last season but can take comfort from the fact that on the four occasions that they have begun a Premier League campaign away, they have won the title twice and finished second twice.

*Of course, it’s also possible that they are a fabricated set that were created for a mock-up that should never have been aired.

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