Sir Alex Ferguson – regrets, he’s had a few… well, one

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Fergie – sinner


Of course, it was the lord God who invited Moses up a hill and gave him a couple of massive stone tablets to stumble back down to his people clutching awkwardly like a man desperately attempting to tame two live wild salmon with just his arms, each inscribed with a small list of rules. One of which demanded that you don’t covet another man’s house.

Sir Alex Ferguson has clearly forgotten that one, as he openly covetted another man’s house in front of some infuriated Christian journalists yesterday. He said this (as reported in The Sun):

“I’d have loved to have gone to Barcelona at one time in my life. That would have been a dream.”

“Their ideology and philosophy, the whole place is fantastic. But I’m at the same kind of club in terms of vision.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in the desert, a burning bush that could talk was going absolutely berserk with rage.

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