Should Mike Ashley be banned from all football stadia?

Newcastle owner caught boozing at the Emirates


Most football fans who enjoy the odd tipple are painfully aware that drinking alcohol in sight of the playing surface has been banned from the beautiful game since 1985. Obviously under the impression that the laws of the land do not apply to millionaires, Newcastle owner Mike Ashley was caught red-handed by Setanta cameras downing a pint of the good stuff in the stands at the Emirates on Saturday evening.

According to red-faced Newcastle officials, Ashley was “offered a drink which he thought was non-alcoholic so he took it in good faith.” However, an Arsenal representative has responded saying non-alcoholic beer is not sold at the Emirates, and they are launching an internal investigation into how he managed to smuggle the plastic pint into the stands.

So, should we believe Ashley’s bare-faced lie valid excuse for seeing off the pint like a university fresher, or should he face the consequences that a regular fan would in his situation, namely a ban and prosecution? Let us know with a comment below.

Do you know anyone who has been banned or fined for drinking in plain view of a football pitch? Let us know below…

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