Should Arsene Wenger dress his age?

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Three-quarter-life crisis alert!

Arsene Wenger

The best dressed man triumphed at The Emirates, as Ancelotti watched his boys trot to victory, whilst wearing a nice raincoat over an expensive suit – presumably of Italian tailoring. Yes, there were moments in the first half which found him keeping his head warm underneath a beanie, but as his side improved, the hat came off.

Wenger, on the other hand, totally ballsed up his match day wardrobe.

Since he turned 60 a month or so ago, Le Prof has started to show signs of a gentleman on the wane. Only last week he turned the air blue during a routine press conference, and then, against Chelsea, he trudged onto the pitch looking like a man nipping out for some milk.

No suit, no smart managerial slacks. Instead he appeared to fashion himself on the North London street urchins that loiter around Finsbury Park, probably sniffing glue. Big puffa jacket, tracksie bots, and some box-fresh Nikes purchased on the hush hush.

At such a crucial point in the season, shouldn’t Monsieur Wenger be making slightly more of an effort? Is this a cry for help? Let us know with a comment.

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