Sergio Ramos leaves Madrid game to watch a bullfight

The temptation of watching an animal die proves too much for defender

Sergio Ramos leaves Madrid

If there’s one thing the Spanish love better than world class football, it’s mercilessly slaughtering helpless animals for the sake of entertainment. Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos proved this theorem at the weekend, when he left the Bernabeu early to go and watch a bullfight.

The man bag-loving defender was suspended for Sunday’s match with Real Valladolid, and was only obliged to be present at the stadium for kick-off. Much like Aston Villa’s chances of getting into the Champions League, Ramos quietly slipped away, in order to watch his matador friend Alejandro Talavante show a bull the error of its ways.

Sergio may not have seen the conclusion of Madrid’s 2-0 victory, but one rather famous former Galactico did make the effort…

Likely Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated his intention to re-sign Mr Beckham – could this be a sign that an incumbent Spanish club president will actually follow through with one of his outlandish pledges?

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