Sepp Blatter responds to World Cup 2006 match fixing scandal

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FIFA examines evidence of international football naughtiness


This week, FIFA president Sepp Blatter took a break from being ridiculous to respond to allegations that an Asian gambling syndicate affected the outcome of several games in the 2006 World Cup finals. Following the findings of journalist Declan Hill in his book The Fix, the German version of Bild reports that the Swiss oaf is on the case:

“FIFA are actively trying to bring clarity to the situation.”

Blatter also promised to examine Ghana’s 3-0 loss to Brazil in World Cup 2006, one of the games said to have been fixed by the Asian mafia. Bildrecently spoke to Ghanaian goalkeeper Abukari Damba, who is accused of acting as a middle man between the players and the gambling organisation. He vehemently denies offering each player on his team $30,000 to ensure they lost the game by at least two goals, but Declan Hill declared on German television that he will post proof of the Ghana/ Brazil scandal on the internet shortly.

Other games journalist Hill believes were rigged in the German tournament include England’s victory over Ecuador and Italy’s win against the Ukraine.

Spoiler bonus: For more information, check out Declan Hill’s website, which comes with a guarantee of satisfaction from Shaka Hislop.

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