Scudamore and Richards are to blame for the Tevez saga

Should the Premier League have demanded more proof in April?


The latest extract leaked from The Daily Mail’s copy of the Tevez tribunal outcome offers even more proof that the incompetence of Premier League chiefs Richard Scudamore and Dave Richards is to blame for the current situation:

If the Premier League had known what Mr Duxbury for West Ham was saying to Mr Joorabchian’s solicitor (Graham Shear) following the commission’s decision, we are confident the Premier League would have suspended Mr Tevez’s registration as a West Ham player.

This implies that while the Premier League gave West Ham permission to play Carlos Tevez in the final three matches on the understanding that the Hammers had amended their arrangement with Kia Joorabchian, chief executive Scott Duxbury was telling the MSI chief differently behind closed doors.

Here’s an extract from the letter Scudamore sent to every Premier League club at the end of the 2006-07 season in which he justified the reasoning behind allowing Tevez to play those games:

Prior to the deadline set of noon on 28 April, the Premier League Board received the following documents:
i) A letter from West Ham United sent to Carlos Tevez, MSI and JSI terminating the private agreement between them dated 30 August 2006 and notifying those parties that the private agreement shall cease to have any further force or effect.
ii) A letter from the legal representatives of MSI and JSI acknowledging receipt of the above letter.
iii) A letter confirming that the above letter had been served on Carlos Tevez personally.

Instead of getting West Ham and MSI to write a few letters, surely the Premier League should have demanded that both parties provided proof in writing that the necessary changes had been enforced. Instead, by acting half-heartedly in the hope that the problem would vanish, Scudamore provided Sheffield United with ammunition to protest.

As the Premier League gave West Ham the green light to play Carlos Tevez in the three games in question, should they be responsible for paying Sheffield United compensation? Is Wigan chairman Dave Whelan right that Richards and Scudamore should resign over the debacle? Let us know with a comment below.

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