Scholes reckons Man Utd will give it a proper go against Barcelona

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There has been a lot of speculation these past few weeks about how Manchester United should try and beat The Greatest Team in the History of Ever.

However, The Spoiler has been quite surprised that the debate about how United should approach this game hasn’t been more fierce. Basically, all the Man Utd fans who we’ve spoken to say this:

“Give it a go, innit? Play Rooney and Hernandez and give ‘em something to think about. We might get stuffed, but sod it.”

It seems that it’s not only the fans who are up for having a right go. Beautiful footballer and ugly tackler Paul Scholes also fancies a bit of it…

Speaking to the BBC, Scholes had this to say:

“There is a determination to make sure that [what happened in the 2009 final] doesn’t happen again.

“It wasn’t a nice night and the summer after it felt very long – this time we at least intend to give it a go.

“There is no doubt the two best teams have made it to the final. Barcelona are the ultimate – they are what we look to and who we want to play like.

“But our football can be just as good as theirs at times and we have a lot of quality too.

“Both teams want to go forward and score goals so I don’t think we could ask for a bigger or better final.”

Is Scholes absolutely bat sh*t mental? Should United park the bus and try and catch them on the counter attack? Let us know what you think with a comment below…

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