Sara Carbonero is our new favourite sports presenter

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Football journalism just got a little bit sexier


Georgie Thompson, Millie Clode and Charlotte Jackson have all curried favour in The Spoiler’s court of spectacularly attractive sports TV presenters, but a new contender to the sexy throne has emerged.

Say hola to Sara Carbonero.

Sara started her TV presenting career on appropriately named Spanish network La Sexta, but has since joined the Tele 5 team. Currently, she is in South Africa reporting on the Confederations Cup, where her superior journalism skills have made her the only journalist to have secured an interview with transfer headline-maker David Villa during the tournament.


Twenty-five-year-old Sara earned a degree in journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and earned her first paycheque at Marca’s radio station. It soon became clear, however, that her talents were being wasted on an audio format.

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