Samuel Eto’o takes legal action against Barcelona

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Greedy Cameroonian demands 15 per cent share of transfer fee


Barcelona may have hoped they had seen the last of Samuel Eto’o when they offloaded him to Inter Milan in exchange for a massively-overrated-yet-currently-free-scoring Swede, but the Cameroonian striker is causing more headaches in Catalonialand.

Sport this morning report that Eto’o is demanding fifteen per cent of his transfer fee to the Serie A giants, which works out at around €3m of a reported €20m fee.

The fifteen per cent fee is a standard term set out by the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) when players transfer between Spanish clubs, but Barca have quite rightly pointed out that Inter Milan are not a Spanish team.

Despite this startling geographical evidence, the Spanish paper say the Cameroonian has made a request for his share of a deal that he effectively forced via his abhorrent personality, and has now lodged a formal complaint. If Barcelona fail to stuff the extra cash into his bulging mattress, the matter will be settled in court.

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