Samir Nasri is the world’s greatest ladies man

“Ze beautiful women, I am like sugar to them”



As tennis star Tatiana Golovin and this girl’s angry boyfriend will testify, Samir Nasri has a way with the ladies. While many Premier League stars love filling their plates at the hot model buffet, the French/ Algerian star finds that his blessing is also a curse.

Nasri admits that he has so many female fans, he finds it difficult to leave the house:

‘I spend lots of time at home playing Pro Evolution Soccer. Ever since I have been a professional footballer it has been harder for me to go out and not be noticed.

‘Especially by female fans. I have never had any problems with women I often get letters from girls, who send me their phone numbers and photos. They want to contact me because I am a footballer.’

Some people will find make a problem out of anything. Is it really that bad that girls want to send their phone numbers to you, Samir? It’s the equivalent of Nicolas Anelka complaining that he has scored too many goals this season, or Harry Redknapp complaining his wallet is too small for all his money.

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