Sam Allardyce blames Arsene Wenger for his rubbish football reputation

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Rubbish Shirt, Sam…

Sam Allardyce blames Arsene Wenger

Remember when Arsene Wenger was first appointed Arsenal boss? Remember the whole ‘Bloody foreign managers, ay? Coming here and taking the jobs of good ol’ British managers and being rude and snotty about it. Discussing things like ‘tactics’ and other fancy concepts’?

Remember? REMEMBER?! Well it seems like some people have yet to move on. And by ‘some people’ we mean Sam Allardyce.

Not content to sit quietly in a darkened room slobbering Pot Noodle down himself during his exile from the game, Mr Allardyce has come out of hiding to talk more nonsense about Wenger and how the Frenchman is responsible for him being labelled a long-ball encourager…

Speaking to TalkSPORT, Allardyce had this to say:

“The tag attached to myself you just can’t get rid of it once it’s there. And it wasn’t done by the media, it was done by fellow managers. That was the disappointing thing.

“It wasn’t disappointing when we kept beating them but it was disappointing that they didn’t have the courtesy to give us the credit that we deserved.”

Actually, that ‘tag’ tends to attach itself rather readily to teams who do play the long ball. A lot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As much as The Spoiler loves a bit of Barca-esqu-tika-taka, we also love teams that use any means at their disposal to get a win.

However, this massive chip on Allardyce’s shoulder needs to eff off pretty soon. He’s like a friend called Adam that refuses to let go of the fact you once mentioned his girlfriend, Sarah, could be a little bit annoying now and again and keeps bringing it up all the bloody time. STOP IT! It’s not very becoming and makes you sound like a d*ck, Adam Sam.

That’s not all Allardyce said though. Speaking of the mini-not-really-anything-at-all-spat between Kenny Dalglish and Wenger, he said:

“I don’t know him well enough to like him or dislike him but I think his own self-importance takes him into an area where he can become rude with what he does, in terms of ignoring you and ignoring what you do.

“For instance, he’s not shaken my hand in the past and walked straight down the tunnel because he’s frustrated with one thing or another. For me, that just isn’t right.

“This country does its football this way. They are unwritten rules I know but, if you’re going to work in this country, it’s courteous to shake hands.”

He then went on to say something beginning with the words:

“I’m not racist, but…”

Not really. Sam – please let it go. It’s becoming very annoying and we happen to think you’re a pretty tidy manager, so lets not ruin it, ay?

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