Russians offered ‘two girls for every goal’ against Spain

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Prostitution and group sex championed by Russian upper classes


According to The Telegraph, a wealthy socialite named Pyotr Listerman has given Russian players a thoroughly tempting reason to find the net in tonight’s Euro 2008 semi-final:

Listerman, well known for setting up rich Russians with prospective wives, said: “For each goal I’ll present two beautiful chicks. Watch the guys react.”The modern day cupid was caught on camera making the offer to Andrei Arshavin, who seemed to be pretty well disposed to the idea.

“There are a number of bachelors in our team,” said Arshavin. “This is a great incentive.”

If only an eccentric billionaire had made the same offer to Ronaldo – Portugal would almost certainly be in the final, and the tricky winger would have needed to hire a coach to take his rewards home.

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