Rooney to sign for Leeds

Rockstar forces shock transfer on wedding day


Traditionally, wedding receptions are a time of dancing with elderly relatives, drinking too much cheap champers and watching young children ease their boredom by setting fire to decorations.

They are not usually a place where the groom will make career altering decisions, but Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones forced Wayne Rooney into a corner on his big day last week:

WAYNE ROONEY had to promise to change his nationality to WELSH before his favourite rocker would sing at his wedding reception. KELLY JONES of the STEREOPHONICS also got him to pledge to play for Leeds next season.

The Have A Nice Day singer said: “My opening line was, ‘So Wayne, your missus rang and asked us to do this’. I said, ‘On one condition – as long as he plays for Leeds next season and changes his nationality to Welsh. Can I get that in writing before I start’?

Wayne had to put up with an appearance by Westlife at the reception, so being told what to do by a Welshman with a girl’s name was probably relieving by comparison. In fact, swallowing a hammer would probably be relieving by comparison.

While Mr Jones admitted the event was a ‘good crack’, it would have been most fitting if the ‘Phonics had played their song about a boozy wedding reception…

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