Ronaldo plays Guess Who? Brazilian feet edition

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Like something out of a Victorian medical journal



Feet are the tools of a footballers trade, and like any tools, they eventually get worn and a bit manky.

Fortunately, the average football fan doesn’t get to see the result of thousands of hours spent kicking a piece of leather about.

Unfortunately, (Original) Ronaldo today revealed to the world the horrors that lie underneath a footballer’s sock.

Currently on the Corinthians physio table nursing a calf injury, O Fenomenodecided it would be a lark to take a snap of his fellow crocked teammates’ rank feet and post it all over Twitter. You wouldn’t get Darren Bent doing this.

“Next to the other feet that I posted, mine [far right] is beautiful,” crowed R9, seemingly ignorant of how easy that achievement is.

The striker spared his mates’ blushes by not telling which feet belonged to who, but apparently only Alessandro Santos, Chicao and Jorge Henrique Souza are currently on Corinthians injury list, so it’s probably two of them. Hang your heads, lads. And get to a chiropodist.

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