Ronaldo “looks forward to playing in white” in tonight’s Champions League final

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Yet more unsubtle hints of a move to Madrid


Ahead of tonight’s much anticipated Champions League final in Rome, our Spanish friends at Marca are doing everything to imply this will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last game for Manchester Utd.

On the front page, they quote the tricky winger as saying “We are playing in white, which I like very much.” If you like having things spelled out very plainly to you (i.e. you enjoyed Angels and Demons), this is also the colour Real Madrid play in.

Unfortunately, Barcelona are almost certainly as excited about Manchester Utd’s third choice kit – the last time they played a team in all white, they won 6-2 (once again, if you need a little help, that was also Real Madrid).

Most bookies, including our friends at BetUS Soccer Betting, are also suggesting the Catalonians will trump the men in white, but C-Ron is generally the favorite for first goalscorer.

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