Ronaldo had liposuction

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Rotund Brazilian striker loses weight the cheaters’ way


(Fat) Ronaldo was in hospital this week after breaking his left wrist in a 3-0 defeat to Corinthians on Sunday. Knowing that he is likely to be out of action for anything up to five weeks while his bone heals, the tubby Corinthians striker also used the opportunity to get liposuction.

Spanish paper AS say that Ronaldo had planned to have the procedure in December, at the end of the Brazilian season, but instead had it done at the São Luiz hospital this week. Surgeons were originally planning to remove 1.6 litres of fat from his abdominal area, but in the end successfully sucked out 700ml. The operation lasted less than an hour.

The World Cup winner has been training heavily since joining the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A side, but as a man over 30, has encountered difficulty shedding the localised fat on his belly.

Apparently, none of the management team at Corinthians were aware of his intentions to shift his weight the artificial way.

He is expected back in action on September 5th, and hopefully he will no longer have the turning circle of a cargo ship.

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