Ronaldo fined for uncontrollable text habit

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Portuguese winger’s busy hands get him in trouble again


Following Fabio Capello’s attempts to give his lawless troops their first glimpse of professionalism, Alex Ferguson has turned Manchester Utd’s Carrington training complex into a house of discipline.

The Portuguese man-o’-sex was caught texting prostitutes acquaintances on four separate occasions in a single training session, and was fined £8k for his troubles. Ronaldo may have to tighten his belt a little – his rule breaking will cost him a whopping five per cent of his new weekly £140k contract.

The Sun sez:

“The players all respect Sir Alex’s discipline. He is not a man to be messed with.

“But a few of the players have been sneaking their mobile phones on to the training pitch to send the odd text message between sessions.”

Fergie and his assistants dish out £2k on-the-spot fines to anyone who uses their mobile during training, in the dressing room, or even on team train journeys to London. Since the team are reduced to taking public transport to games, one can assume there have been a fair few unsubtle texters…

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