Ronaldo attempts to celebrate his birthday with a fight

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Elderly Brazilian interrupts own party to ask if anyone “wants some.”


Our many happy returns of the day go to the tranny-chasing Ronaldo, who last Friday took a break from his efforts to rehab his gimpy ankle in order to celebrate his birthday, which falls today.

According to the Rio paper GloboEsporte, Ronaldo was partying at the Sky Lounge in Rio with a number of “friends”, who helped the great centre forward consume the bar’s entire stock of beer. Ronaldo repaid their friendship by sending his bodyguards out to buy more.

As the party wound down, somewhere around 8.30 in the morning, and as befits someone full of lager and with reason to be depressed, a shirtless Ronaldo was heard to be asking someone if they wanted a fight, and had to be restrained by his hangers on.

Ronaldo also claimed he would be fit to return to action in “two to three months”, according to L’Equipe, and seemed flattered by the interest shown by Manchester City. As City seem to have their goalscoring needs adequately taken of though, perhaps Newcastle would be a better fit. At least there they appreciate a man who takes his shirt off.

(GloboEsporte, via Sport)

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