Ronaldinho late night hospital mystery deepens

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Spanish press wonders out loud if the wayward Brazilian had been experimenting with steroids


Reports in Spanish papers over the weekend have attempted to penetrate a little further into the strange tale of Ronaldinho’s visit to a Barcelona clinic under the cover of darkness a couple of weeks ago. Initial reports suggested that he was independently trying to prove his physical well-being to potential purchasers (eg AC Milan) only for doctors to discover he was in far worse condition than anyone had imagined.

Now the rumour mill has cranked out another story, suggesting that his late arrival at the medical facility was due to his consumption of steroids, which were supposed to speed his recovery from a leg injury, but didn’t. Writing in yesterday’s Sport, Jose Luis Carazo says “I am told that in order to show he was in perfect physical condition, Ronaldinho had been taking a powerful nocturnal anabolic formula to improve muscle recovery and performance by up to 250%.”

The piece fails to detail what might be the side-effects of taking such a “nocturnal formula” or why an after hours trip to the doctor would be needed, but the implications are that 1) Ronaldinho’s use of such alternative medicine has been independent of FC Barcelona medical advice 2) It doesn’t seem to have worked and 3) A player who was supposed to have been one of the most succulent treats on this summer’s transfer sweet trolley, is suddenly looking considerably less tasty.

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