Ronaldinho and Elano caught exposing themselves on their webcams

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Brazilian stars love displaying their gentleman’s packages online



While most European players are content with filling their leisure time with an unhealthy amount of Xbox, the boys from Brazil seem to be wiling away the hours broadcasting their genitalia on the interweb.

Last week, we showed you how AC Milan’s Pato had “pulled an Ashley Young”, and our friends at Popbitch have turned our attention back to the Brazilian gossip blog on which we discovered the Duck’s indiscretion.

The extraordinarily NSFW Glossx suggests displaying one’s junk online is the number one pastime among Brazilian footballers. It’s not quite clear who they are showing their wangs to, or what kind of honey trap allowed them to be caught out like this, but they simply can’t get enough of showing us what their packing downstairs.

The site shows the extra-curricular activities of countless players who still ply their trade in South America, and stand out European-based webcam lovers include Ronaldinho and Elano. To his credit, Ronny keeps the camera above waist height, but the Manchester City winger lets us know exactly how excited he is to have a broadband connection.

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