Ronaldinho is back, still hideously overweight

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Barca striker proves that black isn’t a slimming colour


Over the weekend, troubled Barcelona star Ronaldinho finally returned from ‘injury’ to appear in a Venezuelan charity match. The Brazilian netted two good goals in front of the 38,000 strong crowd, but 7-7 final scoreline suggests the standard wasn’t particularly high.

From the look of the pictures above, it would appear that Ronny has been indulging in one too many Wayne Rooney-esque meals. The star’s expanding gut was the talking point of the match, and it has earned him the nickname ‘gordinho’ in Spain (which roughly translates to ‘fatty fat fat chubber pieface’).

Despite the fact that he currently struggles to see his own feet, Ronaldinho spoke after the match about his hopes of earning a place in Brazil’s Olympic squad: “I would like to go to the Olympic Games, I will train hard to get there,” he enthusiastically wheezed. The rotund striker also mentioned that he is committed to staying with Barcelona for the coming season, and that fatty foods are really tasty.

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