Roma players brawl over tattoo suggestion

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Aquilani’s sass mouth earns him a decking


Instead of helping their side lose 1-0 to Juventus this weekend, Christian Panucci and Alberto Aquilani warmed the Roma bench. At training yesterday, Panucci was telling teammate Philippe Mexes about a new tattoo he was planning, when Aquilani interrupted with one of the wittiest comments ever to fall from a footballer’s lips:

“Maybe you should get a tattoo of yourself sitting on the bench in Torino.”

Instead of firing back a witty retort, or pointing out that Alberto was also on the bench at the weekend, Panucci resolved the situation with fisticuffs, and three teammates had to pull him off of his sharp-tongued teammate.

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti passed the incident off as ‘disappointment’ following the Juventus defeat – let’s hope they’re all over it before Real Madrid turn up tonight.

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