Robinho makes his first big enemy: Scolari

Brazilian man-o’-sex angers fiery Chelsea gaffer


One person who won’t be joining the queue at Eastlands for a fresh Robinho number 10 shirt is the newly-minted Brazilian’s mentor and Chelsea manager, Felipe Scolari. Big Phil was under the impression that Robinho was eager to come and play for him at Stamford Bridge, and was bitterly disappointed to discover that it was actually the money that Robinho was after all along.

According to Marca, Scolari called Robinho to share his thoughts:

“I went out on a limb for you, I got a great contract for you at Chelsea, but you let me down. You don’t do that.”

Coach Scolari held back slightly on his bollocking in order to have some left over for Robinho’s agent Wagner Ribeiro for considering another offer when he’d already given his word to Chelsea.

He even managed to squeeze out a last drop of indignation for Roman Abramovich, for not finding the extra few million that would have secured Robinho’s ridiculously expensive services.

Scolari now has ten days to plot his revenge and work on an evil cackle before Chelsea visit Manchester City a week on Sunday.

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