Robinho and Adriano party for twelve hours with a tranvestite model

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Brazil’s European-based stars hold ‘wild party’



Few people in the world will ever have the honor and privilege of playing for Brazil, so it’s nice to know that those selected for upcoming qualifiers with Ecuador and Peru are taking things seriously.

According to Brazilian newspaper ExtraRobinhoAdriano and various other European-based Brazil stars held a ‘wild party‘ on Monday night, which was also attended by legions of sexy ladies. The soiree at Adriano’s Barra da Tijuca villa began at 5pm, and revellers did not emerge until 5am the next morning, not long before the players had reported for training.

Among the guests were Fabiana Andrade- the model who may have had an affair with Diego Maradona – and Adriano’s ex WAG Veronica Araujo. As if this wasn’t sexy enough, transvestite porn star Patricia Araujo [Google him/ her if you dare] was spotted leaving the villa at 4am.

Apparently, huge parties like these are ‘traditional’ for Brazilians returning from Europe for international duty. Something tells us that the three gentlemen in the picture above are responsible for starting this hard-partying custom…

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