Robbie Savage quits Twitter – for about five minutes, returns to war with Rio Ferdinand

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Yes, it’s another @robbiesavage8 update.


We’ll try not to make a habit of reporting every word published on Robbie Savage’s Twitter account, but there’s not a lot else going on today.

Plus he actually managed to be quite funny last night.

Having threatened to quit the site earlier in the evening after receiving a hail of abuse for his comments on footballers’ wages yesterday, the Derby County midfielder had a change of heart and instead jumped back into his neverending battle with Rio Ferdinand.

Here’s some of the ‘best’ of it, as collated by The Sun.

(Sent to@RobbieSavage8 Looking forward to 75,000+ roaring at old trafford 2mo, what a feeling… where u playin 2mo?

(Sent to@rioferdy5 To be fair pal I’d rather have 30,000 fans from derby than 15,000 from Manchester and the rest from ??????

1-0 Savage.

@RobbieSavage8 U seem 2 have a lot a trouble with haters u??? Must be your face?? Hair?? Fake tan?? Teeth?? Ugg boots?? Highlights??

@rioferdy5 Your clutching at straws pal I actually look like an afghan !! Must do better rio


@rioferdy5 I thought you’d still be pleading with Capello to give you the captaincy back. You’re not getting it. Bore off pal.

@RobbieSavage8 No mate, I don’t bite… only time you got under my skin I smashed you into the tunnel wall!


@rioferdy5 Just seen a pic of your new shoes by 5 pal !! I bet you the big issue sellers feet are freezing now!! Wow

3-2 Savage.

@rioferdy5 Which bodily part have you injured now pal !

@RobbieSavage8 Have u got ya hair out of the straightners and in2 a bun 2 watch the game, as u have been acting like a chic all day! Man up!

FINAL SCORE: 4-3 Savage.

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