Rio merks Wayne Rooney

Defender responsible for striker’s sexy new haircut


To most, Rio Ferdinand is simply a professional footballer, wind-up merchant, rapper, female steward kicker, drug test absconder and mild homophobe, but to team mate Wayne Rooney, he is also a fabulous hairdresser:

“Wayne was fed up with all the mickey taking he was getting. He’s sensitive about losing his hair – just like any lad of his age.

“But he decided to get rid of the lot, handed Rio the clippers and basically said, ‘Do your worst!’ “

The Sun believes balding Wayne and his ‘missus’ are very happy with the shaved head he displayed for West Ham’s visit on Wednesday, because he kept it for the Hull game. Which was three days later. Were they expecting him to grow it out into dreadlocks or something? Or maybe a comedy Scouse wig?

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