Rio Ferdinand becomes a Nigerian Prince

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Manchester Utd defender making the most of his time off


In the hazy days of the late nineties, Wimbledon and Norwich striker Efan Ekoku earned the nickname ‘Chief’, due to his links with a Nigerian tribe. This weekend, Manchester Utd captain Rio Ferdinand has earned precisely the same moniker, as King Akiolu inducted him into the higher echelons of African society:

“I’m a little embarrassed to be named a Chief, I’m not sure I’m worthy.
“It’s something to tell the lads. I’m sure they’ll be very happy to call me Chief.”

To the citizens of Lagos, Rio is now known as Chief ‘Fiwagboola’, a name highly befitting of a man who earns £100k+ a week – it means ‘character makes wealth’. Coincidentally, Fiwagboola is also the name of a Nigerian Prince I’m helping out through email at the moment. I was lucky enough to be personally selected to assist with his troubling financial dilemma – for a £500 fee, I’m helping to unlock his vast fortune from a stuffy African bank. Soon enough, I’ll be blogging from my own tropical island, suckers.

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