Rijkaard defends Ronaldinho’s weight

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He’s not the porkiest Brazilian out there


Over the last year or so, Ronaldinho has been getting a bit of stick for being lazy and a little tubby, prompted by pictures such as the one above. In his last two games, however, Ronny has taken off his shirt at half time to let all and sundry see his rock-hard fat-free abs.

This week, Frank Rijkaard has jumped to the attacking midfielder’s defence by means of taking a swipe at one of his fellow countrymen:

“Ronaldinho’s in shape… Ronaldo was the fat one. If he was fat that would be bad, but I see him every day and I know that he’s in fine condition.”

Saying that Ronaldinho is the lesser of two chubby evils isn’t the most water-tight defence, yet the buck-toothed striker does put it all in perspective – while at Real Madrid, he put on 16kg, climbing up to a hefty 94kg.

But still, it’s good to see that peer pressure has forced Ronaldinho into losing some pounds – maybe they could bully him into a haircut next?


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