Revealed: The ridiculously pampered lifestyles of Manchester Utd players

Patrice Evra lifts the lid on players’ cushy treatment


We are all too aware of the difficulties of being a Premier League footballer – as soon as the two hour daily training session is complete, players must make the arduous choice of which games console to play on, and then must go through the laborious process of selecting a couch to lay on and watch Countdown. When the evening comes, they have to work their nuts off deciding which local trendy bar has the best private female talent and bottle service.

Aware of these daily strains, the powers that be at Manchester Utd employ a ‘Player Liaison Manager’, who helps protect the pampered stars from undertaking menial tasks so they can focus solely on football and nightclubs:

Under the watchful eye of player liaison manager Barry Moorhouse they are on hand 24 hours a day to have cars fixed, Jacuzzis repaired and domestic niggles sorted.

Frenchman Evra, who lives in a £3million Cheshire mansion, said: “This club is a big family because everybody works together. You can ask Barry anything. When you have a problem with your car, the Jacuzzi or the light, he is there.”

Of course, no self respecting gentleman should think of turning up for work if their jacuzzi wasn’t in working order, but helping to change light bulbs seems a little excessive. We’re not Berbatov naming any names, but Berbatov this kind of babysitting could encourage a lazy approach to Berbatov the game.

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