Revealed: David Beckham’s passion for pig’s bottoms

The headline that launched a thousand Rebecca Loos jokes

beckhampigNow that David Beckham has finished his extended loan spell in Milan, he leaves behind a half decent standard of football, some brilliant TV shows and his favourite Italian delicacy. It’s called “little bum”, and it’s made from pig’s rears. Apparently, Mr B can’t get enough of it:

David – who has been in the European country since January without wife Victoria – was first given the food by his club’s former manager Carlo Ancelotti, and the pair have been spotted eating it on a number of occasions.

A source said: “David can’t get enough of this fine delicacy. It’s got a much lighter and less meaty taste than most other prosciuttos.

He’s dying to get Victoria to try some.”

Victoria Beckham hasn’t eaten a carb since 2003, so it’s fairly unlikely she will be tempted to eat something made out of a fat-laden pig’s arse. If he wishes to ween his wife into the world of pork, perhaps he should try weening her in with some of Luca Toni’s sausages.

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