Revealed: Cristiano Ronaldo’s €12,000-a-month Madrid home

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Portuguese star loves him some asymmetrical design


As a man who will never need a mortgage, one would expect Cristiano Ronaldo to buy a home in Madrid outright, but Sport reveal that he is to rent an exclusive bachelor pad for €12,000-a-month. That seems like rather a lot, but it works out at approximately 0.1 per cent of his income [upon further consultation with a calculator, The Spoiler has decided it is actually around 1.4 per cent – Ed.].

Located on the exclusive La Finca Los Lagos resort, C-Ron will count team mate Raul and Fernando Torres among his neighbours. The 180 home complex is ideally located for Madrid’s training ground (although it’s not too convenient for the nightlife), and offers 24-hour security patrols, infrared biometric controls and perimeter security cameras. This may limit opportunities for al fresco WAG boffing, but will certainly keep paparazzi lenses at bay.

Joaquin Torres – the architect responsible for the luxury pad – says the Madrid star originally asked to purchase his house but settled on renting the property above, with the option of purchasing it for €5m. The five bedroom home contains two bathrooms, locker rooms, a cinema, a pool, a wine cellar, a garage that can hold six cars, a whirlpool and a jacuzzi with room for up to five prostitutes.

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