Revealed: Carlos Tevez’s nickname at Manchester Utd

Striker’s lack of wheels earn him a new moniker


Due to the fact that attractive models couldn’t resist his rugged good looks,Carlos Tevez was forced to tint the windows of his £140,000 Bentley in order to drive safely. The plan backfired, however, when police deemed his windows too dark and impounded the luxury vehicle.

To make matters worse, when the fuzz pulled the Argentinean over, they discovered he may not be eligible to drive in the UK, and he now faces the prospect of prosecution for driving without a licence.

With his car stuck on the driveway of his £1.8m Alderly Edge mansion, Tevez has been forced to bum lifts from his team mates to training. Hence, he is now known by his colleagues as “The Hitcher“.

Until he rides the bus with Robinho, or realizes he is a millionaire who can easily afford a driver, the nickname will stick.

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