Referees told to learn twenty swear words for England game

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Away with you sir, thou art an artless varlot



Wayne Rooney’s propensity for going red and telling everyone in sight to ‘f**k off’ is coming to a forced end.

After getting overly sweary with local ref Jeff Selogilwe during England’s warm-up match against Platinum Stars on Monday, FIFA has apparently cracked down on players shouting abuse at match officials.

Brazilian referee Carlos Simon and his assistants will have to revise twenty of the English language’s most naughty words before the Three Lions’ meeting with USA on Saturday. Linesman Roberto Braatz said:

We can’t [know profanities] in 11 different languages, but at least we have to know the swear words in English.

Which is slightly unfair, really. The Spoiler bets a country like Slovakia has a hundred ways to say ‘f**k’, and they’ll be able to use them all.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what might be on the ‘Big 20′ list?

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