Real Madrid star upholds Spain’s commitment to racism

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Yes, that’s Sergio Ramos in blackface and a turban


Much like Harry Redknapp asking for money or Cristiano Ronaldo paying a woman after intercourse, casual racism is something that comes naturally to the Spanish. Remember the hilarious joke that welcomed Lewis Hamilton and his “Familly” to the Spanish GP?. How about when the Spanish basketball team and posed for “slit-eye” gesture snap shots prior to the Olympics, and defended it as “appropriate”?

Unfortunately, our European friends have been at it again this Christmas. The Spanish traditionally celebrate los Reyes Magos de Oriente, whereby the three biblical kings visit the houses of children and dish out gifts, like an ethnic triumvirate of Father Christmases.

As part of their continuing quest to maintain ambivalence towards overt racism in society, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos was invited to take part in the most recent Reyes Magos Eve procession, where he donned blackface, a turban and a pimp ring. Oh dear.

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I’ve never seen an African king in person, but I imagine this is exactly what they look like.

Much love to Vanessa at Kickette for the tip