Real Madrid put a €1billion buy-out clause in Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract!

Florentino Perez puts Dr Evil-style ransom on new star


Yesterday, Madrid-based paper AS told us about the “anti-sheik” clause in Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract – potential suitors would have to fork out for a buy-out clause of €200m before the Portuguese man-o’-sex could leave Los Blancos.

Today, however, the folks at the other Madrid paper, Marca, have insisted that this buy-out clause is actually five times larger than AS claimed.

That’s right, if anyone wishes to lure C-Ron away from the Bernabeu during the next six seasons, it will cost them a minimum of one billion Euros.

To put it into perspective, that kind of money could buy Real Madrid’s last 66 signings. It’s also enough to pay Joey Barton’s legal expenses for one year, and is thought to be the same amount that Harry Redknapp keeps in his mattress.

Astronomically high buy-out clauses are nothing new in Spain: Lionel Messi has a €150m clause on his deal, while Carles Puyol, Raul and Ruud van Nistelrooy can only be unshackled for €180m.

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